About us

The Big Little Box Co is an online children's gift store based in Brisbane, Australia, and it has fast become the heart and soul of our family.

I am a mum to three kids, Henry 12, Ben 11 and Leah 7. Like a lot of mums, my children are all school age now, and I found that I needed a way to keep my mind active and challenged, whilst remaining involved in their school lives. That's when I stumbled across The Big Little Box Co. 

I've always adored wooden toys, and I've always adored things that are presented well, and The Big Little Box Co is both. In August 2018, I purchased this business from the founder, Lauren, and the rest is history. I will always be thankful to Lauren for opening this business in September 2017.

I remember when my kids were little that the wooden toys were always my favourite, and theirs. These toys last longer, are natural and are beautifully smooth to touch. I could never pass them on, as there is something so special about wooden toys. 

Our white gift boxes are a sturdy, great quality, gloss cardboard and are designed to last. Parents and children alike love receiving our personalised gift boxes as they are filled with toys and activities designed to stimulate fine motor skills. They make a lovely keepsake piece, memory box or simply a special place to keep your little ones' favourite things.

Plus, if you cannot see a box that is right for your child, you can build your own. We've got a great selection of beautiful items for children aged from birth to five years.

Welcome to The Big Little Box Co, we are so pleased to have you.

Louisa x