About us

The Big Little Box Co. is an online children's gift store based in Brisbane, Australia. The idea was born out of our love for wooden and educational toys and seeing them stand the test of time between our children.

We are a husband and wife team with two girls aged 2.5 years and 10 months. Matilda and Eliza are our very cute product testers.

There's something special about receiving a wooden toy. The texture and colours are exciting. We still remember the first time Matilda grasped an object; it was a wooden rattle and such an exciting moment in her development.

Our boxes are rigid, quality gloss cardboard and are designed to last (our two year old has tested this theory!). Children love receiving our personalised gift boxes filled with toys and activities designed to stimulate their fine motor skills. They make a lovely keepsake box or a special place to keep favourite toys.

Can't see a box that's right for the child? Why not build your own? We've got a great selection of toys and activity packs for children aged from birth to five years.

Happy shopping.

Lauren x